Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Great Circle of...Stuff.

Go figure.

This is the reality of Manila. We always wonder why stuff around here never get done properly. It all boils down to one question:

Who cares?

The answer is: Not much. The ones that do usually don't say anything about it. We, Filipinos, tend to keep our mouths shut when the problem could probably hurt us.

The truth is that we hate inconvenience. We'd rather do without it. We hate lines. (All commuters and drivers know this well.) We hate to wait. We hate to put our 110% effort in the little things that that we don't get any credit for. (Unless we get paid to do it or something.) 

We would rather sit back, enjoy the passing time, eat, talk about our miserable lives, eat again, and then smell the fresh bree- ..wait a minute. That is NOT fresh at all. Why is there trash here? Why do our roads look like the surface of the moon? (Except the moon is shiny.) Why are the simple services of this country so.. BLAH? Hmm..

It's all her fault!

The common default answer of Filipinos would be, it's the government's fault. Sure, I can't say they're doing a squeaky clean job of running the country. (But then again, what government is squeaky clean?) There's a LOT of nasty things going on in there. One of which might be swimming in a sea of garbage. True, true, they aren't doing their jobs well enough but remember, the government was once a part of the people. Some have come from the masses as they proclaim.

So what happened here?

We all know that there is a significant lack of love for the country and that counts a lot in a country's progress. But I would like to focus on accountability. People don't like to take responsibility for their own mess. We'd rather sweep it under the rug, run away from it OR hope someone else cleans it up.

Basically, we tend to think that it's someone else's job. We can just sit back and wait for some miracle to happen. And then nothing happens and we blame it on someone not doing their job when it was ours in the first place. It creates this cycle of everyone hoping that the mess would just go away. 

And then nothing happens.

Aaaaany minute now...

There are a few who do their part but even they can't shoulder the weight of this country's indifference and lack of accountability. Because of this, the people who do their part are usually bitter and angry. 

In the end, we're a bunch of "free", whining kids sitting around and waiting for our yayas to do something about the spilled milk on the kitchen floor. While there are a few overworked, bitter people yelling at us to grow up. Sad.

Let's think of it this way.

Is it really the janitor's job to pick up every little mess you made when the trash can is near you? Is it really the government's job to sort out all your plans for the future? And, is it your job to flush my poop down the toilet?

Good luck, indeed.


  1. hello anonymous blogger of hope!:D this first blog entry is truly a slap in the face to all Filipinos. I'd be glad if I can make even the slightest RIPPLE EFFECT in this country, to make it a little bit better for everyone.

    Nice drawings, lovely post, keep it up! :D

  2. hoy bob ong. wala lang. mas maganda sana to kung tagalog...pero...siguro para narin to sa mayayamang audience hah.

  3. gabey. no need for u to be so rude.